Joining A Gym

My husband got me a gym membership last week, it is pretty awesome.  We have to drive 30 minutes (he’s getting an amazing deal from his work), so that will probably limit my use quite a bit, but I’m hoping to go 2-3 times a week.  The first time I went, they gave me a tour and I spent my time doing weight machines and a little bit of elliptical and stair stepping.  I was so incredibly sore.  I could feel my ribs, who knew we even had muscles on our ribs?   We went as a family after church yesterday and the kids went swimming in the pool while my husband and I took turns working out.  Too bad the pool closes in a few weeks for fall.  I’m planning on testing their indoor tennis court rules by bringing my kids there in the winter and letting them “pretend” to hit balls and run around.  Maybe I’m giving them too little credit and they’ll be able to play tennis better than me?  They also have a daycare I will probably use and they’ll even take my 7-almost-8 year old.  I’m excited about it.  Hopefully, I can grow back some of the muscles I lost from the pregnancies.

New Goals!
-no eating after 8!
-exercise 5x per week and keep track of it on the calendar
-keep a food journal

21 thoughts on “Joining A Gym

  1. I now have access to 2 gyms. One of them is a Snap fitness which is one of those 24/7365 places you access with a key card. It’s about a mile away and has a spin room. I used to bike about 15-20 miles a day and really miss it. Development around me has really increased the traffic exponentially as well as disrupting some of he old routes. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get to less trafficked roadways without throwing the bike in the van. Kind of defeats some of the ecological purpose of riding the bike.

  2. Now there’s a simple theme from the goddess of impromptu change. It is red though…like the heels and polka dot dress of another time and place. 😉

    Actually it isn’t the distance that’s the big deal. If you walk at an easy clip, you’re walking between 3-4 miles an hour. You can see how easy it is to do twice that on a bicycle and still be physically exerting only a walking energy. If you have about 2 hrs it can be done, or even two one hour increments. At 15 mph on a bike you are starting to consistently exert yourself like relaxed jogging. The biggest problem is finding an isolated place to do it where traffic, intersections and stop signs are not a worry. I used to live about ¾ of a mile from that kind of country 30 years ago. The road’s still there, but the country ain’t no mo.

    ♪♫♪ “Ah, but I was so much younger then, I’m older than that now,”♫♪♫ to paraphrase Bob Dylan via Roger McGuinn and the Byrds.

  3. I have access to 1 gym, and it’s on 2 floors. The warm-up (stretching) center is right beside my bed, kind of hard NOT to do it when you’ve got to walk right through the place when you get up! and the cardio room is downstairs, it is outfitted with a recumbent cycle and a treadmill. This morning the movie that was playing on the system was Rocky. teehee and hahahaha 🙂

    * once those endorphins kick in you can probably do a Die Hard movie marathon!

  4. So I’ve been a member of two gyms for two weeks and have been to one only to accompany my wife to zumba. Accompany only, not “zumbacize.” I feel better already just joining though. Not!

  5. I’ve never heard that watching could have the same effect LOL!

    Hubs and I had a membership in Alberta, but our schedules are just not the same. I work out in the am – he prefers the pm, after work. We’ve moved recently, so i’m back to the home gym!

    Zumba seems big for a lot of people – I guess whatever works for you is good!

  6. She really needs the ramp-up into more intensive stuff. Very sedentary up until now. Hip and knee joint pain are there but she keeps going. I am hoping things loosen up and lubricate with frequent and regular use. She has never stopped mid-routine though and they do a constant hour to 90 minutes. She just modifies and keeps going. Best part: she loves it and looks forward to it. Now she wants to do a strength training class held just before it.

    Another Canadian in my blog life. They all seem to be such reasonable people. Not a Newfie anyway, Ay? 🙂

  7. LOL, good for you Robyn. We have a treadmill, but don’t use it too often. I’d prefer outdoors, but maybe once the cold weather hits I’ll use it more.

  8. bone broth is supposed to be really good for aching joints. My mom used to go to the local veterinarian for a great deal on some sort of glucosamine pills, but she has had knee surgery and doesn’t need them anymore.

  9. We have one too but either the motor is weak or overheats and pops the breaker on it. I can’t go too long without it pooping out before I do. I prefer outdoors too.

  10. Si-is! I know it may not work out all that well, but the older girls might enjoy “zumbacizing” with you for a little while and then leave you alone for half an hour or so. You will be providing an excellent role model and you could make it the home study exercise class, unless that made them hate it of course.

    My wife is in a class with about 30 or more women and having a blast. The instructor is a professional salsa instructor so the routines don’t get stale and boring. The hispanic selections are really great to zumba to also. You might want to look into it. HUMMMMMM?

    Check mail.

  11. I’ll put my SIL on it. Not the one with the BIL in hospice, another one. She is the health research queen. She is on glucosamine so I know she will get on this. If the bone broth is flavorful she’ll really like the probable low cal aspects of it.

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