Exercising With Kids is Crazy

Working out becomes more challenging with three kids added to the mix.  Since it’s so cold outside I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred videos.  They are only 20 minutes long, but it is HARD!

Anyway,  I discovered the kids add an extra challenge.   The energetic music draws them in to the excitement, when I get down for push-ups Prov tries to climb onto my back, when I lay down for sit-ups, she snuggles up close beside me and makes it difficult not to hit her.  I have to keep two extra sets of very light weights for Prov and Cara.  Cara does the jumping jacks and weight exercises next to me, but then she starts swinging the weights and smashes her finger or rolls one onto her toe and I have to pause the video to comfort her.  Yesterday Prov decided to pee on the floor behind me while I was exercising, she  never does this, I wonder if she was jealous of my attention?  They seem to find lots of questions that need to be answered when they see me busy working out.  I also have to be careful not to hit anyone in the head with the hand weights as they stay busy around me.  During my short 20 minute workout, I usually have to hit the pause button three or four times for minor emergencies that need to be handled right away.

I like seeing them jump up and down and their jumping jacks and forward punches are very cute.  Overall, it makes me happy to do something with them that they enjoy.   I’m just hoping for a smoother workout today, maybe only two pauses of the video and no injuries or messes on the floor would be good.


10 thoughts on “Exercising With Kids is Crazy

  1. It’s like exercising with puppies. Our Little Joe Friday, who is not so little watches me when I exercise before bounding in for fun thinking I am playing a game and he’s being left out. Soon the video is forgotten and I’m rough housing with a 75 lb bloodhound. Oh the joys and giggles… And someday little ones will be in the mix…

  2. Okay, so tell me why your working out when you look gorgeous already? Are you trying to make me feel guilty? (laughing) I’m glad you found some time to hit the mat, one of these days I’ll do the same.

  3. I very much enjoyed Jillian’s workout series. I have to get back into them one of these proverbial days. I smacked my grandson in the head during a wii bowling game once. They get over it. I respect your stay at home philosophy. My wife was also fortunate enough to stay home. For a while I got to work nights and had the mornings off to take our family to the park and things like that in San Diego which was way cool to just hang with the kids when they were little. Keep it up, they get big soooo quick. As a missionary in PNG, at least I get to see my grand-kids via skype.

  4. Enjoyed perusing your blog and am now following.

    Enjoyed reading this post because I did some home-schooling when my kids were little (they are 3 grown-ups now!) and remembered my excercise attempts during that time. Glad you are enjoying your time with your kids! These are truly moments to treasure. Now I have my first grandchild and am so very excited about that. I’m in love again! ; )

    By the way, thank you for your follow over at Gospel Apprentice.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  5. You’re welcome! It’s nice to have someone who already homeschooled nearby because sometimes it feels like I have no idea what I’m doing.

  6. LOL, good to know I’m not the only one smacking my kids around. My kids got ipods for Christmas and are always texting and sending pictures and videos to their grandparents. One of them can’t even write yet, but she sends pictures to them and is thrilled when they respond.

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