Today is my birthday. It started early at 5:00 am by an alarm pushing me out of bed to go run. Ran 3.7 miles with my best friend, then came home to my oldest daughter sleepily watching cartoons on the couch. My husband took the day off from work to get some errands done and to bless me on my day. Hope convinced me to let her stay home from school so she wouldn’t miss out on the fun. Spent the morning cleaning and baking for playgroup. I had to fight the girls hard to clean their rooms, finally got sick of yelling at them and just told them they couldn’t come out and play with their friends until their rooms were clean, that seemed to work. I made my own birthday cake (are mothers supposed to do that?) It was a lemon cake with blackberry vanilla icing, then I made bruschetta for playgroup. My friends came, the kids were loud and had fun playing together. It was good to laugh and talk the afternoon away. We had a new girl come today, she is from New Zealand and now lives in the States. After playgroup, I went and got my hair cut while DH watched the kids, then we ordered pizza and he put ALL the kids to bed. I think he has a massage planned for later. I am exhausted, I hardly feel like moving and I think I could fall asleep in my chair right now if I just closed my eyes. What a blessed day, my life is good, thank you Lord for my family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Blackberry vanilla icing? Recipe please! Anything special about the cake, or was it a box?

    My wife’s birthday is Nov.19. She and i pretty much celebrate our birthdays with little ceremony. She always grieves it is so late in the year becasue the weather is too chilly and gloomy for anything outside where we live. We have the kids over and a cake, but not a lot of to-do. One day, my wife shared with me she had never been give a birthday party for her in her entire life. NEVER. EVER. It was always acknowledged, but no party.How does a parent do that to a child? On her ?0th, I gave he a suprise Princess party. She just beamed like a little girl. I went to Everythings a Dollar and bought the decorations and favors. Really a great selection for not a lot of money so you can go hog wild with quantity. I even found an oversized pair of green Princess glasses. All day long she thought I had not planned anything. She was watching TV in a back room and in the space of 30 minutes I decorated the dining room, hung mobiles out on the porch and had the guests arrive. Can you say HEROE? I knew you could. If it was possible, I was happier than she was.

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